Boston Silalahi



Boston Silalahi


Partner in ICT who used to leader project to handling many computer networks in big building , project leader of reputable representative Insurance Office in Palembang on computer networking implementation , project leader of project officer on Fiber Optic implementations in reputable securities office. He was Chief Technology Officer BIZWEB and Deputy Director VIMA in 2010 – April 2012 and also being Responsible for the overall ICT activities on Vibiz Group, include hardware and software implementation, oversee the running of ICT matter and peripherals such Server, Computer, Hot Spot, Wifi implementation in 2010 – April 2012. He writes many Journals and Columns of ICT matters. Starting his career at Private National Bank then Securities Company for Working long hours in the field combined with ICT work, Administrator in International School compiling reports and weekly progress meetings with many foreign staff.


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