Daniel H.S.Ir .MM.MBA

Daniel H.S. Ir. MM. MBA


Daniel H.S. Ir. MM. MBA

Partner in
Human Capital Development

Daniel is a Partner of Vibiz Consulting, and currently active as a Corporate Consultant at several local and international companies that focus on areas of Measurement of Business, and Marketing Research Scorecard. Companies that have felt his touch are: the largest airline in the country, 10 major oil companies in the world, the largest conglomerate in the Middle East, the largest accounting software companies in Indonesia and others.

Daniel actives in providing training to various companies in various industries and has assisted many companies in the implementation of scorecards in various industries. He is also a senior lecturer in the Graduate programs such as the University Western Australia, Monash University and the London School. He is also believed to help the largest business magazine in Indonesia (SWA) to provide management consultancy to the Indonesian businessman.


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