Rydon Sagala

Rydon Sagala


Rydon Sagala

Credit, Treasury, Operation And Risk Management

Graduates of Bachelor of Economics in Accounting from HKBP Nommensen University, Medan in 1986, and then in 1999 completed the S2 Field Marketing and Human Resource Management, Rydon mastering expertise in Banking, Internal Audit, Human Resource Management, Sales & Marketing. Experienced as an Internal Auditor in Banking for 7 years, practitioner Credit & Banking Operations Manager for 12 years, Business Development and HR Consultant for 10 years. Rydon started his career on two of the leading foreign exchange bank (Bank Niaga and Bank Danamon) to occupy the position of Senior Executive. He held the position of General Manager of the Sister Company of Media Indonesia Group. He ever received an award of Management and Business at National level and Asia. Often invited as a speaker in business gatherings and seminars at several universities, both Private and State. Experienced in Leadership and Management training and practical motivation in various areas, including Leadership, Managing People, Strategic and Business Planning, Selling and Marketing Bank, Credit & Finance, Customer Care and Satisfaction, Operational and Service Quality, Excellent Service, Brain Power Management and NLP, Corporate Culture, Seven Habits, Negotiation Skill, Re Engineering, Team Building, Total Quality Management, Corporate Governance, the Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Maps.


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