Vera Herlina


Vera Herlina

Vera Herlina is now Senior Research Management of Vibiz Consulting. She began her career at Vibiz Consulting as a writer for the web, writing hundreds of articles, jurnals and columns of strategic management and leadership. As Partner of Management and Technology Services, most of her passion in this field has made her a skilled trainer, speaker and motivator for 15 years.

Aside of Vibiz, she is also a doctor as general practicioner till now. She obtained her master degree from UPH, majoring in Human Resources Management, 2 years after finishing her study at Economics Faculty of Tarumanagara University. She is very interesting in developing human potential by exploring the brain sophistication. Her background in medicine has made extensive knowledge about human and made her become expert in developing leadership. She said “The greatest asset of human is the man himself and all human potential can be extracted and grown to the maximum”. Furthermore, she is a module maker, for banking and non banking for more than 10 years. She always makes unique module, mixing brain knowledge and management as a unique value proposition in training. Her life also devoted for youth leaders by joining in a non-profit organizations.

Born from an entrepreneur family has made her excellent in busines acumen especially in leading company strategically and making profit business. She is now continue to develop intrapreneurship in addition to entrepreneurship as center of excellent.

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