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About US

About Us

What is VBLC ?

Vibiz Learning Center atau disingkat VBLC merupakan suatu lembaga yang bergerak di bidang pembelajaran dan pengembangan pribadi maupun pengembangan organisasi/ korporasi/ swasta. Pemerintah, BUMN, BUMD dan masyarakat umum.

Lembaga ini didirikan pada tahun 2004 oleh founder – Bernhard Sumbayak, praktisi yang berpengalaman di bidang sumber daya manusia, operasional, sales & service, corporate communication, corporate culture project, reengineering project, branch development pada berbagai lembaga konsultan maupun perusahaan nasional.

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What Our Clients Say

“I was excited to finally enter your educational center, and start my course in a group of great people who know what they want and try very hard to get it. Thank you so much and good luck!”

Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones

“Thank you guys for the most amazing experience of getting the right education. You do a great job, and I wish you much inspiration, fresh ideas and more bright students there.”

Matt Morrison

Company Director
Matt Morrison

“I am absolutely happy about the results of my training course, and would love to thank all teachers who have put their effort in creating such an awesome learning atmosphere in class!”

William Perry

William Perry

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